Birgitta Tageslice

Traveling Roadwarden


Strength: 4

Toughness: 3 Agility: 4
Intelligence: 3 Willpower: 3 Fellowship: 3

Class: Roadwarden
Talent Slots: Reputation x1, Tactic x1
Racial Bonuses: Adaptable, Diversity, Favored by Fate
Wounds: 12

Wealth: Affluent
Skills: 2 SKILLS
Actions: Execution Shot
Talents: CHOOSE 1
Special Skill: Roadwarden: Once per session, you may add EXPERTISE DIE to any Intimidate or Ride check
Stance: ] ] | [ [

Items | Encumbrance Total: 15 (20/24)
Exceptional clothing (best quality, 1gc, 2 encumbrance, common)
a second set of clothes (good quality, 30s, 1 encumbrance, common)
a leather backpack or satchel (15s, 2 encumbrance, plentiful)
a healing draught (20s, normal quality)
a dagger (4, 3CR, Ordinary, Fast, 10s, 2 encumbrance)
a few knick-knacks (examples: a candle and tinderbox)
Longsword (5, 3CR, Ordinary, -, 25s, 3 encumbrance, plentiful)
Father’s Pistol (6, 2CR, Close, Pierce 1, Reload, Unreliable 2, Blackpowder, 5g, 2 enc, rare)
Leather Armor (0 Def, 2 Soak, 5s, 3 encumbrance, plentiful)
Less than 5 gold coins

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Birgitta Tageslice

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