A bunch of links relevant to the campaign.

Important Downloads
WFRP 3rd Edition Player’s Handbookdownload here! You now have no excuses for not having your advancements chosen or skills written down.

WFRP 3rd Edition PERFECT SUMMARY! – this .pdf is 14 pages. I used some of them to make handy reference cards. Some are for range or monster reference. But the most important part are pages 2-8. This is a seven page summary of the ENTIRE BOOK that literally will tell you how to play. I use these pages to run the game. If you have your character information, special skills, and a GM, these pages will literally run your session.

Good Websites
Gitzman’s Gallery – Great site, lots of resources for anything Warhammer.

Warhammer Atlas – I don’t even know what language this is in, but it has lots of nice maps!

Interesting Sites, Character Helpers
Stance Dice Discussions – mathematically inclined look at “the red dice.”

Character Helper – little Microsoft Excel file for making new characters.

3rd Edition Dice Percentages! – from a reference; approximate values of what each die means.

Dice rollers
WFRP 3rd Ed. DiceRoller #1 – link to a nice dice-rolling simulator.

WFRP 3rd Ed. DiceRoller #2 – little .swf program to simulate dice-rolling.

WFRP 3rd Ed. DiceRoller #3 – possibly the best of the bunch!


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