Marienburg Merchant Guild's Charter

Rights and Duties of Guild Members

The Nine Rights & Duties are guaranteed to all members of the Merchant’s Guild, through Marienburg’s borders and within and without. THE SWORN ASSOCIATION OF MERCHANTS & MEN OF TRADE & MEN OF VARIOUS ARTISTRIES, commonly referred to as the Merchant’s Guild, includes organized groups of laborers, professional tradesmen, burghers, business managers, nobles, and politicians all working together under the rules of this charter. Each locality, principality, township, etc., may choose to interpret these rights and privileges differently or abide by traditions and customs unique and specific to its geographic location or its population. Different areas may choose to guarantee additional rights or to set different costs or rules for different aspects of the guild and its management, but no recognized outpost of this guild shall fail to adhere to these basic tenets of this charter. This document is to be construed as the ‘bare minimum binding agreement’ between sworn brothers of this guild and its first council.

Right and Duty of Patronage – all members swear to abide by the Right and Duty of Patronage; to solicit only goods and services from members of the guild where reasonably available, to seek only the tradesmen indebted to the guild’s services, and to perform fair practice to fellow guild members. Any tradesman who demands service need only provide reasonable proof of membership such as identification papers, craftsmen passes, or other symbols of membership and enjoy the privileges of brotherhood and the Right of Patronage at prevailing costs.

Duty of Non-Competition & Tariff – all members swear to abide by the right of Non-Competition; to not set prices or provide services harmful to any membership of any tier of the Guild nor the guild itself, nor to perform actions mercantile or otherwise to interfere with any the business of other member of the guild. All members of the Guild shall be in all manner and in all ways exempt from any and tariffs when performing the importing and transportation of foreign goods without the express written consent of the first council. No foreign good shall be sold at retail within any city inside Marienburg’s borders unless first sold to a member in good standing of the Merchant’s Guild for resale. Localities may charge a fee for this privilege not to exceed 3/4ths of the total import tariff and this fee is not to be increased for at least two weeks in excess the time of the goods in question’s delivery time.

Right and Duty of Citizenship – All members swear to abide by the Duty of Citizenship; to remain loyal citizens, to always act in accordance with the laws of the land, to be family men, and in all times and in all ways be seen as reputable and valuable citizens of your communities. All cities in which the Merchant Guild maintains a Guild House and the roads and waterways between them shall in all ways and always honor cards, identification papers, craftsmen passes, and other symbols of membership as proof of goodwill.

Right of Protection – All members in good standing shall be under the privilege of Protection and Service. The Guild and its membership shall always render its aid in service of any member in good standing suffering legal ministrations or immoral persecutions within and without the borders of Marienburg. The Guild in totality shall guarantee proper burial to all of its members. The orphaned child or widow shall be cared for in the stead of the fallen brother; the duty of any guild member is family and the reputation of family shall be considered sacrosanct.

Right of Service – All members in good standing may beseech the first council of the Guild for specialized services, labors, goods, and duties of a value up to but not exceeding one-quarter total of the member’s guild fees for the previous year, or the current year at the dispensation of the first council. All members regardless of standing may during all times and in all ways have guaranteed access to the book of merchants and craftsmen for the seeking and exchange of services. All contracts and services arranged from any Guild book shall be rendered a charge the greater of one silver or 1% of total costs.

Right of Arbitration – In any and all matters within the realm of reason and outside the realm of lawful justice, all guild members shall hold to their oaths of brotherhood and seek first to settle all disputes in a timely fashion commensurate to their costs of business; if equitable and agreeable dispensations cannot be achieved, all members swear to rapidly seek out the judgment of the first council and abide by the decisions the council or the council’s empowered traveling representatives.

Right of Knowledge – The guild shall keep a list of specialists and masters. Teaching shall be provided to other members at minimal or no cost. Teaching requests with no available teachers within the Guild will be remedied at the Guild’s discretion and expense.

Right of Priority – Traveling guild members who have sworn the oaths of brotherhood and have paid all dues in their present locality shall be guaranteed a first priority for booths and stalls at Market Day (costs of booths covered by dues). Traveling guild members shall be guaranteed temporary residency during Market Day and the night before at prevailing costs.

Right of Gold – All guild members shall be guaranteed prompt and reasonable credit at values and interest to be determined by guild moneylenders.

Marienburg Merchant Guild's Charter

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