New Player

1) Join That’s this web site. It’s easy. Do you have e-mail? Then you can join here.

2) Join this campaign as a player. You want to play, right? You like me, right? Then come to this page.

3) + + ) K M M M ! # B $ % & ( H F ] | [ – Do these look like a bunch of letters and silly marks or the WFRP symbols to you? If you said ‘silly symbols,’ you want Gitzman’s Gallery’s WARHAMMER FANTASY ROLEPLAY 3rd EDITIONSYMBOL FONT font-face. Click on this link, open/unzip/7-pop/whatever the file open, and put it in your fonts directory. This will make all the 3rd edition symbols on this page show up. Click here if you don’t know how to install fonts. Or use Google. It’s pretty easy.

4) Links! Between the resources on the links page and the Characters tab tab, all the information you need to play your character is here. Here. On this wiki. Don’t know what your character’s special skill means? Click it! I’ve hotlinked everything. Between the COMMENTS page, e-mailing me, all the links on these pages, and this wiki, there is no excuse for not being prepared other than, “my dog ate my keyboard.”

New Player

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